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Kerala is a gift from the gods, and there are numerous reasons for which it is known as "God's Own Country." Amazing beaches, greenery, serene backwaters, waterfalls, and other natural wonders abound in the state. As a result, it should be included on everyone's vacation bucket list. Kerala tour packages have always drawn untold numbers of international and domestic tourists. Tour packages to Kerala boast a plethora of tourist destinations in Kerala that will immediately captivate you. Kerala packages provide a wide range of scenic and leisure facilities for all types of visitors. Your favored tourist destinations on Kerala tours will rely upon whether you are traveling with friends or family as well as your vacation aesthetic, but never fear, Kerala has something for everybody.

Everything else seems insignificant once you step foot in the magnificent paradise. In terms of beauty, most major cities are inferior to Kerala. Listed below are some of the top tourist destinations and a guide for your Kerala trip that is ideal for family trips, weekend getaways, and honeymoons. The allure of Kerala's tourist attractions grows as one learns more about them. While you may be unsure of where to go in the charming land, learning about a few of the best ones ahead of time will be extremely beneficial. Scroll down to learn about the best places to see on your Kerala packages and what awaits you in this lovely state.

Best Time to visit Kerala

Kerala welcomes all the guests all year long, extending warm welcomes of hospitality to its guests, but the weather all year long isn’t favorable for travel. For this reason, it is in the right interest of the people coming here to know about the best time to visit Kerala, to be able to plan out the best possible experience.

The climate in Kerala doesn’t hold itself throughout the year, so, for those planning to visit Kerala, the weather can sometimes be a major spoilsport. To prevent that, and offer the best possible trip, it is in the best interest of the tourists to know about the seasons in advance for a memorable Kerala trip.

Winter season in Kerala- The winter season comes around in the last few months of the year, starting around October, and going on till February. Maintaining a temperature range of 10-25 degrees, the winters can be cold.
Summer season in Kerala- Not only are the summers mildly hot for Kerala tours, within the 29-40 degrees mark, but the summer season also doesn’t stretch out for so long either. The months of March to May witness the sun shining bright.
Monsoon season in Kerala- The monsoon season stretches out rather long here. The months of June to September are the season witnessing heavy downpours in Kerala, keeping the temperature within the range of 29-35 degrees Celsius.

How to reach Kerala 

Kerala is quite popular for its airports, with a combined total of 4 airports, out of which 3 are suited for international travel. Therefore, the air passage to Kerala is rather straightforward. The number of flights to Kerala doesn’t overshadow the railway network of the state. With an effective rail system spread across the state, travelers have a tough choice to make, whether to fly to Kerala or take a train.

Amongst all this competition, the roadways in Kerala also prove to be a tough contender, as taxis, and rental vehicles are quite commonly found driving across the smooth, well-maintained roads of Kerala. Apart from all this, passage through water is yet another popular and widely preferred route for travel for your Kerala tour packages.

Local transport within Kerala- Working around the well-built network of roads in Kerala, the local transport system is quite good. Apart from the taxis, auto-rickshaws, and buses as the normal means of local transport, the ships and boats are also popular local transport used to ferry people to different parts of Kerela.

Best places to visit in Kerala

Kerala is the heaven on earth, getting the nickname, the land of the Gods, an accurate nickname for a place as beautiful as Kerala. While Kerala has got a beauty worth flaunting in all aspects, be it the nature side, the architectural side, or the typical houseboats here, the tourist places to visit are still an integral part of the entire Kerala tour. 

With plenty of things to do, and places to explore, there is a possibility of being swayed by the irrelevant ones as well, therefore it is important to pick those places which are not only the most beautiful but the best places to visit in Kerala. 
A list of some of the places that are prioritized in all the Kerala tour packages because of the keen interest shown in them by the tourists, and the beauty that they possess, have been offered below.

Kochi- Kochi is not just the most populated city of Kerala, but also one of the most advanced cities to visit on your tour packages to Kerala. The shopping complexes, the theatres, and the malls, all of them set a benchmark of their own, offering a style statement on your Kerala tours.

Trivandrum- Trivandrum, or Thiruvananthapuram as it is known these days, is the capital of Kerala. It is the most popular city in Kerala, and the architectural structures and scenic spots here make it a hot choice for all tourists. No matter which part of the year you are visiting, Trivandrum is a must-add to your Kerala itinerary.

Alleppey- If Venice could be brought to India, it would be named Alleppey indeed, and for that matter, Alleppey already has the nickname the Venice of the East. In a pleasingly beautiful location, the mangroves, the backwaters, and a large number of houseboats are major crowd pullers for all tour packages to Kerala.

Munnar- All the Kerala packages talk about the beauty of one particular town around Kerala, and it is no other than Munnar itself. This hill station is the closest to Kerala in terms of distance, and beauty, and was built at an elevation of 1600m above sea level.

Kumarakom- Kumarakom is a veritable treasure trove of travel delights that will captivate your senses on your Kerala packages. It truly is a heaven on Earth. It is a world-class tourist spot and the crown jewel of Kerala tourism. Kumarakom's iconic backwaters have drawn tourists from all over the world. The swaying palm trees and marvelous houseboats are simply bonuses or blooms to your Kerala trip. 

Food in Kerala 

There is a reason why travelers adore food in Kerala. Each dish and meal is a feeling in itself, encouraged by a convergence of Malabari, French and Arabian elements, augmented with a tint of Kerala’s vibrant culture. The list of must-try dishes on your Kerala tour packages below will surely end up leaving you devouring for more. 

Idiyappam: This is a popular Kerala dish that is enjoyed by the majority of the population. Also renowned as Noolappam, this is a culinary traditional food crafted with rice flour, water, salt, and a series of small fibers or sevai intertwined with each other to create the lovely texture that this dish possesses. 

Erissery: This is a popular Kerala dish that is enjoyed by every tourist on tour packages to Kerala. This curry is a favorite in every local Kerala kitchen also. It is made with either raw plantains or sliced yams. It is a popular Kerala food item on the menus of religious festivals such as Onam. If you are a foodie who looks for new flavors, make sure to add this to your list!
Ela Sadya: Ela Sadya is among the classiest snacks that are embedded into traditional Malay dishes, the fragrance of which will make your mouth water. Ela Sadya reigns supreme among Kerala cuisines!

Puttu and Kandala curry: Keralans relish Puttu and Kandala curry, which is regarded as one of the most famous folk dishes. Puttu, a popular breakfast side dish among Kerala's numerous meals, is a circular steamed rice cake roasted in a mold with grated coconut. Make sure to eat it while on your Kerala trip. 

Appam: Appam with broth, a traditional Malay dish, is flavorful and delicious. Appam is a popular Keralan dish made up of fermented rice flour, milk, coconut water, and a trace of sugar syrup. It is primarily a thin pancake with crunchy outsides.

Shopping in Kerala 

Shopping in Kerala is a lot of fun and exciting. Kerala has a myriad of significant items that you can bring with you, including some intricate jewelry. A getaway isn't thorough unless you indulge in some wholehearted shopping. Kerala is no different. While shopping in Kerala, you can fill your bags with elegant clothes, artwork, various spices, refreshments, and oil. Here is a quick overview of where and what to buy in Kerala. Check it out before you organize a vacation here. 

Tea and Coffee: Purchasing tea and coffee is an essential part of Kerala shopping. Nilgiri Tea and Kerala Kapi are grown in numerous parts of Kerala and are aromatic, flavorful, and colorful. Munnar, Wayanad, and Vagamon are famous tea estates while Gavi and Idukki are famous coffee estates. 

Spices: Spices are among the most important items to purchase on your Kerala tour packages. If you are looking for spices in Kerala, go to the local stores in Kumily (close to Thekkady) and Fort Kochi. 

Banana chips: Banana chips, also known as Nenthra-kaya Upper in Kerala, are one of the most famous items to buy on your Kerala tours. Buy some at Reeju Banana Chips in Chirakkal or Calicut Banana Chips in Thrissur. 

Coconut items: Kerala, the territory of coconuts, is an excellent location for gathering coconut and coir items on your Kerala trip. Carpets, rugs, floor coverings, as well as some amazing snazzy memorabilia made from coconut husk, are among them. 

Nilavilakku: A further essential craft is the nilavilakku or conventional Malayali oil lamp. It is regarded as an important piece of classical interior decoration. This item is also one of the must-buy things on your tour packages to Kerala.

Adventurous Things to Do in Kerala

Aside from the scenic beauty, there are a plethora of adventure activities in Kerala that provide a high rush of adrenaline and enthusiasm. This lovely destination attracts tourists from all over India and from around the world. There are so many things to do here that visitors will never be bored on their vacation. Kerala has some of the most diverse adventure sports in India, making it a must-try for any adventure connoisseur. Let's take a look at some of the most popular thrilling experiences in Kerala.

Parasailing: Parasailing is one of the numerous water activities available in Kerala. Parasailing in Kerala allows visitors to see both the sunny skies above and the crystal-clear water below, giving you the ideal of both worlds. 

Cycling: Cycling is one of the best adventure activities in Kerala for taking in the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding environments. Enjoy this sport during the lovely month of January in Munnar, when the climate is at its brightest. Soak up the atmosphere of the natural landscape and enjoy the peaceful elegance that the location has to offer.

Trekking: Trekking is another popular outdoor activity in Kerala that is best experienced while strolling along the tiger trail in Thekkady. Trekkers can find professional guides who can assist them spot wildlife as they walk through lush forests.

Treehouse stays:  The tree house is one of the most exceptional and best Kerala adventure places. It is a magnificent way to unwind amid nature. You can appreciate nature up close by spending a night or two in the tree house, which offers a view of the appealing forest with a unique flavor.

Snorkeling: Discover the ocean realm of Thiruvankulam, a suburb of Kochi's port city, while snorkeling. Snorkeling is one of the most exciting activities in Kochi. It is a true delight for sea aficionados who enjoy exploring the sea world by plunging in. 

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FAQ's About Kerala Tour Packages


Kerala is an overall beautiful destination, flaunting all that beautiful greenery all around, the compelling beauty of the mangrove forests is a pleasing sight to the eye. Famous for its houseboats, eco-tourism, tea plantations, and much more, Kerala tour packages offer you a plethora of delights and fun activities.

The best time to visit Kerala is in the months between September to March. Not only is the weather ideal for going out, and exploring, but nature is also ready to flaunt all its beauty around this time of the year.

A Kerala trip stretching up to 2-3 days, can consist of exploring parts of Munnar on the first day, followed by a trip to Thekkady for various sightseeing activities, and finally end with the exploration of Cochin on the third day.

South India is quite famous when it comes to the dishes prepared here. Talking about the popularity of the same, some of the top dishes in Kerala include the name Idli-vada, dosa, uttapam, appam, and many more.

While the preferred language in Kerala is Malayalam, the people here are quite fluent in English as well.

Kerala is perfect for a 3-4 day long trip, giving you enough time to explore all the beautiful parts of Kerala, without stretching out the trip.

July month is observed to be one of the coldest months in Kerala with the temperature range moving around 28 degrees Celsius.

For an average to a little above good experience on your trip, it can cost roughly around 10,000- 12,000 INR for a week-long trip, for a solo person. 

Kerala is one of the safest states in India. The people here are rather cheerful and welcoming, offering the best hospitality to the guests, especially the female travelers.

While the banana chips of Kerala are famous all across the world, the list of items worth shopping in Kerala also includes various handcrafts, coconut fiber products, and several essential oils.

Onam is the largest festival in Kerala, celebrated with a lot of excitement, and love. The festival marks the season of harvest and a lot of tourists try to cornice their Kerala tours with Onam.

In terms of the land distance between Kerala and Delhi, it falls somewhere around 2688 km, whereas, via air, the distance is reduced to 2080 km.

With four airports of its own, air travel is the most convenient means of travel. But, apart from the air travel facility, the rail network of Kerala is quite efficient as well, and so are the roadways here.

The list of famous forts and palaces in Kerala is incomplete without the mention of Anjuthengu Fort, Bekal Fort, Kannur Fort, Hill Palace, and more such places all across Kerala. 

The temples that are famous in Kerala include the name of Chottanikkara Temple, Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Attukal Bhagavathy Temple, and plenty more.

Just because it falls south doesn’t mean Kerala doesn’t have its fair share of adventure. Plenty of adventure activities like parasailing, camping, trekking, paragliding, kayaking, and many more activities can be tried in Kerala.

While traveling, pack an umbrella or raincoat as the monsoons are rather unpredictable. Carry sunglasses, sanitizers, mosquito repellants, and sunscreen around with you.

Thekkady is the best bet if you are looking to spend some time with the elephants in Kerala. You can enjoy feeding an elephant or feel the joy of riding one too.

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